On Grief.

I recently attended a continuing education class on Grief. The presenter was David Kessler, a renowned expert on this subject. He has worked with other experts, such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and more recently Louise L. Hay.
His book, Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms”, published in 2010, gives firsthand accounts of patients and/or families death experiences. He explored death bed phenomenon. His book speaks to 3 types of experiences. Each of the types can hold peace for loved ones and the patient.

  • Vision- the patient is collected by those who past before them. This could be parent, sibling or spouse,
  • Trip- The patient gets ready to go somewhere, either alone or with others, some describe a vacation or a train, bus or car trip, and
  • Crowded Rooms- Where many people are waiting like at an overcrowded cocktail party. The patient usually comments on the amount of people waiting.

I have always been interested in this topic, due to my own fear of the unknown. The stories have lessened my anxiety a bit. It is comforting to know that we are not forgotten no matter how much time has passed.

Have you or someone you know had this type of experience? Are you willing to share? Or just want to be validated. Please let me know.

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