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Caregivers Helpline

Happy 1st Birthday to Care to Caregivers’ Helpline. This helpline was established by Rutgers Comprehensive Services on Aging Institute for Alzheimers Disease and Related Disorders. Caregivers, can call and vent, and have someone listen to them at anytime. Caregivers can … Continue reading

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The August 2014 issue of Psychology Today has an article on Honesty by Amy Nordrum. How important is honesty in a relationship? Do you have to tell everything to be honest? Is your truth the same as your partners? The … Continue reading

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On Grief.

I recently attended a continuing education class on Grief. The presenter was David Kessler, a renowned expert on this subject. He has worked with other experts, such as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and more recently Louise L. Hay. His book, Visions, Trips … Continue reading

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Birth Order

Do you treat your siblings a certain way because of their birth order or because they are either a pain in the neck or the sweetest person on the planet. And are they a pain or sweet because they were … Continue reading

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How do you know when it’s time to see a therapist?

How do you feel? Do you feel sad, angry, anxious or just emotionally confused? Are your life and/or relationships getting out of control? Do you trust your feelings? Has there been a catastrophic event in your life? Has here been … Continue reading

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You are on your way to hear the results of the tests you took last week. These results will change your life. What do you do? How do you handle the news of cancer or some other catastrophic disease? The … Continue reading

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After a traumatic experience it is normal to be frightened, anxious, sad, and confused. Many people are able to process the emotions and experiences and come out the other end of it. However, if you remain in psychological shock, feel … Continue reading

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Life is A Journey… For Caregivers

This post was taken from a talk Ann Wolf gave for caregivers at the NJLAP on August 11,2012. Life is a journey. As we make our way through it there are people to help us. Parents, siblings, spouses, friends, children … Continue reading

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Agoraphobia is the most common form of anxiety disorder.  Agoraphobia is defined as “fear of open spaces”,  however, it also can express itself as  a fear of panic attacks. Agoraphobics fear the anticipation of situations that they can’t escape. These situations … Continue reading

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Bad Day? Try These Stress-Reducing Exercises

We all have bad days at work or home; the days that you want to tear out your hair. The washing machine breaks with all your clothes in it. Your boss leaves you to finish a presentation 10 minutes before … Continue reading

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